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So guess who joined the yellow doughnut hoodie club......... That's right me! Every time I watch Just Right I can't help but think I like that jacket but do I like it enough to buy it. Well I did and I love it. @ninjamidori @TiffanyBibian @shisuschrist @kieuseru @justcallmekyki @AubriePope @SabrinaKeovilay @H8rt4u @AlittleJoy @KPOPER1 @Kagamine381 @karina1017 @RainbowRadio @SuperJuniorelf @tinafalcon22 @poofy @aegyoxprincess @Mercedesbenz91 @aliahwhbmida
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@TiffanyBibian 馃挄 Yeah! @AubriePope I waited for it to get about $13 on amazon.
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@ciabri22 when I looked it was in the 20's......goodness...Well I have a purchase to make soon.
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@AubriePope I check amazon every week cuz I wanna buy tons of stuff so when I saw it went down I was like yeah I gotta get it. I also got mark's puff puff poof hoodie and GOT7'S Mad cd
2 years agoReply
oooh hahahha..that's soo cool I want one. .lol
2 years agoReply
@ciabri22 I plan on getting one in the near future
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