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The lovely and talented @TessStevens tagged me in a challenge.

5 sentences or less, explain what makes you a maniac, an individual! This will be your formal (or informal) entry into The Gonzo Collective! You will receive your Gonzo Title thereafter!

"'The Gonzo Collective', which will function as a group of writers, thinkers, poets and barstool prophets who want to make their voices heard."
If you want to know all about it, check out the card <<HERE>>
(1) I like to talk and learn about other people more than myself. (2) Perhaps that's what makes me unique? (3) I'm a writer that's more careful with my words than anything else in my life. (4) Why keep talking when we learn so much more by listening? (5) I hope to share and understand others stories, and use those stories to make sense of the world.
@jordanhamilton @momattheword @humairaa @annamolly :) I'm excited to listen to what makes you unique!
This is interesting! I'm down for the challenge. Let's see: 1.) I'm a lover and a fighter 2. I love more than I fight. 3. Without my train of thought I would not be writing. 4. It keeps me sane.
@humairaa I think it's because we are extremely empathetic people. I feel like other peoples struggles and feeling influence me SO much
I love animals especially dogs n birds more than humans. Seeing a dead animal on the street always makes me break down into tears. But i'm not vegan n i really really feel bad n guilty abt it. I've tried hard to stop eating meat but i just can't, i get sick 😢