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What's a weeaboo? I'm I one? I like anime,manga and I speck japanese because its like a code for me and my friend who specks it but I know was race I am and i don't think Japan is well pure anime heaven because that's only a piece of it
Why am I asking? well this guy was saying a weeaboo was a person who watches anime and reads manga and i got mad when a group of people pointed to me and i said I'm not a weeaboo I'm an otaku and weeaboos are people who act as if they know everything about anime and don't
They ignored me and well I wanted to punch the guy who kept ranting as if he knew all
It would really help if you could anwser me if not then enjoy these pics (excuse some of its language)^-^and have a good day
@xAmberx @Minekidz Weaboo is just a stupid world haters use to try to be rude to those who enjoy anime & japanese culture!! I wouldn't worry about it <3 the nakama (family) here on vingle is great and won't be like that!!!
I'd like to know more about this too, I get called a weeaboo also and it hurts. but it feels like you can do nothing because they already know you love anime and read the manga