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Alright ladies, it's time to decide which of these stunning Iradj Moini earrings you would wear: the green or the purple?
While these may not be suitable for everyday wear, consider these statement pieces that you could pair with a dazzling gown or pant suit to a formal occasion.
Let me know in the comments which you'd prefer!
I am honestly torn between these two @CelinaGonzalez lol as much as I like one over the other, I like the other one more and vice-versa. hahaha I like your idea about interchanging the earrings @MyAffairWith What kind of green is your favorite @SarahRegulski? I like peridot and the olive greens.
Purple 馃挏
@marshalledgar thank you :) solves the problem of having to choose one :D
I like both but mostly the purple ones
I would pick green. It's my favorite color and you can't go wrong with anything green. Go GREEN lol.
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