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One of the things I love most about Vingle is discovering something new, something innovative, something that inspires me. Don't you feel the same way?
If you've never been to LA (and surrounding areas), then you've probably never even heard of Four Aces Movie Ranch. I won't bore you with a history lesson, but it's this random outpost (about an hour outside LA), where a fictitious motel, gas station and diner exist--purely for cinematography purposes.
Anyhow, Su Han, who is a celebrated makeup artist in LA (and a friend of mine), shared this picture with me. While she's not allowed to say why she was there, you can bet it will probably show up in RollingStone or some movie that she's working on.
In the meantime, I immediately thought of @TessStevens because her cards are so well art-directed. Take a look at these cards and be sure to show some love! Comment on her cards (and this one too!).
Wow @marshalledgar @EasternShell thank you both so much! A whole card! This made my morning. And yeah I love just creating things that are utterly my own, makes the process more fun! I hope more and more vinglers keep flaunting their originality because honestly it's awesome! Xoxoxo
I recently told @tessstevens how much I enjoy the photography with her stories. The pictures really capture the moment.
@TessStevens a true artist in every sense..amazing