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OK, maybe it's just me but I think psycho pass is really great but I also find the story to be kind of annoying. This isn't some law and order skit where episode to episode you can change the case. On top of that the transition was too awkward. I just started what I believe is the second season (funimation doesn't do seasons) and the new antagonist is kamui. I won't spoil anything but the season is too predictable. I'll list things where people who have seen it get what I'm saying but people who haven't will think I'm speaking gibberish. One enforcer plays a big role but more it's easy to tell the whole season when you use saiga's analyzing skills. It's all too obvious, season 2, while makishima was way more unpredictable and presented deep rooted philosophies of anarchy while his opposite kogami opposed, creating a melody which evolved into a stellar story. My point, do you think what the creators did with the story was creative and original or more so a drag to keep the story going? I believe in the latter.
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I agree with you complete!