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Alright so @shannonl5 has challenged me along with a few others to do this dare. Well.....I ACCEPT!!!! My favorite minor character?
Pepper Pots She's just so spunky, doesn't take crap from anyone, and she's just so likable. She's smart, resourceful, she's the only redhead minor character that actually DOES something (I'm looking at you Mary Jane Watson), and she's shown that she's capable of running Tony's business. Speaking of Tony, their relationship is adorable and I love seeing them together. They make a great match. Pepper knows how to get him to wknd down and chill...or trick him into replacing his champagne glass with a mission folder. Love this character.
@redapple615 lol YES that one was brilliant
@shannonl5 If you ever watch "how it should've ended" that's what they do at Iron Man 3. Pepper takes his place in the avengers lol
Honestly I'd like to see her either going full time in one of the suits or getting to keep some of her Extremis powers and kicking butt with 'em... you know, on bank holidays :D