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Gaming With Siblings ^_^

This comic just reminded me of how much I love gaming with my sibling. Yea, we might fight and argue over little things, but at the end of the day it wouldn't be nearly as much fun playing video games alone.

Do you game with your sibling? Who's the better gamer? XD

. . .-is an only child- do friends count?
any Lego game is 10x better with my brother
@shagnasty360 Ah I see! In that case, Gaming Friends! :) @YumiMiyazaki How do you have a "favorite sibling" and not have a civil war break out in the house lol? But that's pretty cool! :) @CalebOrr Yup, pretty much how it goes. We never actually finish the actual game, just goof around XD
My oldest sister and I play Mario Kart, puzzle games like Tetris, and fighting games together. We have played Wii games, too, but I'm kinda bored with the Wii. We've never been real competitive, so we get along while we play.
I have one younger sister but she doesn't game at all😞. So instead I have been slowly but surly turning my dad into a gamer(even though we don't play the same games haha) but all in all it's pretty fun.
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