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ok so Soompi shared this and I had to share as well.
We all know how Jimin is with being a bias wrecker and how he is on a daily basis. Well on buzz feed they shared on how Jimin is the hot topic. They even have it to were by just looking at him will make you a Kpop fan or just make him into your UB. Honestly I have two UB and I have a feeling here soon I'll have 3 UBs.
here is the link and some pictures and gifs. if you would like read more about. also just by reading this it will make your day.
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@PolarStarr some days it is awesome like super awesome but then there are some days where I think back and think I'm older then them by like 2 and 5 years age difference they're too young I can't no no.
I have 3 UBs lol Jackson, Leo, and D.O
@xsandos17 I have a feeling the UB list will get bigger in days weeks months and years to come.
Ayyyy they made it on buzz feed!
@CreeTheOtaku I'm always happy when kpop or keverything is on buzz feed