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ok so Soompi shared this and I had to share as well.
We all know how Jimin is with being a bias wrecker and how he is on a daily basis. Well on buzz feed they shared on how Jimin is the hot topic. They even have it to were by just looking at him will make you a Kpop fan or just make him into your UB. Honestly I have two UB and I have a feeling here soon I'll have 3 UBs.
here is the link and some pictures and gifs. if you would like read more about. also just by reading this it will make your day.
Ayyyy they made it on buzz feed!
@PolarStarr some days it is awesome like super awesome but then there are some days where I think back and think I'm older then them by like 2 and 5 years age difference they're too young I can't no no.
@PolarStarr him and Kookie both are.
@PolarStarr yup and I'm still fighting with Jimin and I'm about to just give up.
Samee! Once they fall for one, they are gonna fall for all of them 😊 @Choijiah
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