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With the 3 Musketeers bar I will eat the ends, sides, top and bottom chocolate before eating the nougat. With Swiss rolls, I will eat the chocolate off, eat the ends and the little strip on the sides and then roll it out to eat it


I read magazines from back to front, depending on the story of the book I'm reading I will read the last chapter when I find myself bored to see if I should go on or not. And I love the smell of leather bound books.


I love Asian men, I think they are very sexy and I am most perverse when I think of's a problem I'm working on far I'm just going further down into the hole. (But at least I have great eye candy on my way down that hole)


Some people sing or dance in the shower, I use my car. When it's a song I like I will sing or dance while driving


Cat's are life. I am a huge cat person. I have favorites like Black cats but I love all cats. I even like manga or anime human cats.
Awesome! :)
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BAHAHA I love this. I love people with weird methodical ways of eating food. I remember bonding with this guy at a party because we both had the same OCD when eating pretzels. You've got to start with the handles and leave the nubs for last!
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