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So I've come to the point where I can hardly anymore and I'm limping everywhere I go or trying to walk. My left foot has been hurting for almost a month and the pain hasn't left so my parents fear that an accident I had two years ago could be taking affect now. Since I can hardly walk it hurts in school since I have to go upstairs in the middle of the day for a class I have, but yeah I can't walk so @DestinaByrd @ninjamidori @nnatalieg
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@Jinnyrod3 I have an appointment set for Monday
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@CuteBabyLay I hope nothing really really bad happens
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😕 I hope you can find out what is wrong and get whatever help you need to deal with the problem. Maybe it will turn out to be something that is no big deal and with a little physical therapy you'll feel much better. I hope so! Good luck!
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hope it gets better soon!
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