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For your engagement party attire, make sure it's sleek, chic and diamond-ring-friendly! Basically, you need to wear what I've put together here.
Notice the use of white accessories and shoes. Notice the bold print dress. Combined, and in keeping with the season, these are going to set your diamond ring off in a spectacular way!
Total cost: $1,410
Floral-print satin mini dress
Kate Spade
Quarry Gems Necklace
$35 rental (via RentTheRunway)
Gio Diev
Medina Sandal 100mm Slingback Sandal with Metal Accessory and Pointed Outsole
$125 (on sale)
White Patent Leather belt
(any white belt will do--you should already have one in your belt collection, making this free).
I'm trying to figure out why the dress has what looks like extra material... Kinda looks like there's a big pocket in the front! Lol. It's pretty, but not long enough to warrant a $1200 price tag, in my opinion. I know it's Victoria Beckham, so it's gonna be expensive. The necklace is pretty, but is a little big for me. I like simple jewelry, like the tiny amethyst stone I wear on a clear string, (People ask me if it's a piercing!), and a simple, beaded choker. The shoes are so cute, though! And they're not even that expensive. I would buy them, but preferably in a color that doesn't get dirty right away. I've never been a fan of wearing white. I'd either go with black or red, to match the dress. I love the idea of wearing a small belt over the dress. It adds a little bit of *pop* to the outfit.
love the dress wish it was longer though.
She definitely has an amazing eye for fashion!
Victoria Beckham has really made a name for herself in the fashion world. I love that! She's so talented and smart. @petname83 @jordanhamilton
the dress is so weather appropriate!
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