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For your engagement party attire, make sure it's sleek, chic and diamond-ring-friendly! Basically, you need to wear what I've put together here.
Notice the use of white accessories and shoes. Notice the bold print dress. Combined, and in keeping with the season, these are going to set your diamond ring off in a spectacular way!
Total cost: $1,410
Floral-print satin mini dress
Kate Spade
Quarry Gems Necklace
$35 rental (via RentTheRunway)
Gio Diev
Medina Sandal 100mm Slingback Sandal with Metal Accessory and Pointed Outsole
$125 (on sale)
White Patent Leather belt
(any white belt will do--you should already have one in your belt collection, making this free).
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Victoria makes garments that are simply beautiful and beautifully simple. There's a natural chic quality to her designs that I love. I could see any girl in this dress @TessStevens. We have to come up with a way to get these expensive garments for cheap @SarahRegulski The only thing I can think of is going through That's where you can rent designer garments and accessories FOR CHEAP!
How many red pumps do you own @MyAffairWith? PLEASE TELL ME you have at least one pair of sandals--Stuart Weitzman makes a killer "Nudist" sandal. Every woman ought to own a pair!!!!
@marshalledgar 2 pairs of red pumps, both different styles :D
put some red sandals on that list to add to your pump collection @myaffairwith
@marshalledgar I will look into it :)