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my theory....if something's not broken don't change it....plus my squad did pretty well with the zombie apocalypse...time to face the island! well I'll make one little change....im changing my secret weapon....sorry jimin (aoa) I still adore you. let the games begin @JohnEvans!!
The muscle - Siwon from SuJu. not just strong in muscle but in personality too.
The brain- k-rapper Tablo......hello can you say iq of 160 and has a masters in English from Stanford University? plus he's not just book smart. his lyrics are sheer genius!
The Scaredy cat - Daesung from big bang..... no need for explanation. just watch exhibits a and b.
The protector/ mother- None other than Jin from BTS. he takes care of his members and he can cook....we shall not starve!!!
The Secret Weapon- Kim Namjoon...he's smart, funny, he can't dance to save his life, but he's got a presence about him....how else would he become BTS's fearless leader.
Co Captain- OK taecyeon! he's strong...look at those muscles! smart.....he's fluent in English, Spanish, Korean, and Japanese! and he has a kind, approachable, trustworthy face so people can look to him for leadership.
@JohnEvans I'm so excited!
nice team...be prepared for the first challenge..and thanks for joining the game :)