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Artist Ben Zhu From The Harry Potter Tribute Exhibition
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@Saravy serious??.. awww too bad! I thought we could play quidditch!
@shoenami @Saravy Yessss! Let's play quidditch! Come on, come on. Get your robes on and let's go. Everyone knows what an awesome Beater I am!
@YinofYang Me too!! Okay, I will get over my height issues and be a beater also. I think I too would be good at that.^^ What about you @shoenami ?
@YinofYang @Saravy I'd be the Keeper of course!.. I get to stay in one place and try to avoid the Beaters lol
@Saravy LOL! Yeah, I could totally see you as a Beater too. We'll make a good team, specially with @shoenami as Keeper. (^_~)