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I LOVE THIS GROUP!!! They just recently debuted, like 2 weeks ago, but I've already fallen for this group so hard idk where I am... But they are suuuper cute and I hope that you guys like them too! Just looking for some Astro buddies and a way to store all my pics of them and share them toooo!!
So basically they debuted 2 weeks, ish, ago I already picked a bias, kinda. Anyways, this boy right here ^^^ is Cha Eunwoo and is prettier than anything I've ever seen.. OMG k sorry had to restart heart a little bit. And then there's the Maknae, Sanha, who's only 15, turning 16 on the 21st I think.
MJJJJJJ, who's the oldest btw. Gawd his smile is so bright and his voice is actual goals
And then in the second picture is JinJin who raps and is such a cool kid I love it lol
Then they were on After School Club and it was GREAT!! A little part of me died cause of laughing and cringing but it was great seeing them!
AWWWWEHJEA OMG he's such a baby I love it!!
More pics and videos to come! I'll try to keep regular updates on them if I can. If you want to be tagged please let me know!!
I don't own any of these pictures
I love these babies!!
Ma babies 😍😍😍😍