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Just picking up right were I left off! This group is really good and I just love their pure voices. UGGHGHG I'm gonna die looking at all these pictures
RoOOOOCKKyyy Rockky.... I love this boy too he's only 18 but holy damn.. K I've collected myself.
This is from their mini-drama To Be Continued and is one of the songs on their mini album "Spring Up" This song is suuuuper cute!!
And this is their Cutesy Onsie Adorable Shoots-Me-In-The-Feels Version of Cat's Eyes
And their main track for their mini album "Hide and Seek". It's a great song and the dance is really cute!
The full album is GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!!!!! My favorite song is Innocent Love, third one or second after the intro, or Morning Call, the song right after.
So, all in all I hope you guys come to love these boys like I do! I'll try to do regular updates about them if I can and I'll post much more pictures so if you want to be tagged let me know! Hope you liked it! :)
I don't own any of the pictures or videos.