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I'm not sure who is to credit for starting this so if you know who did or you want to 'out' yourself, please do! Credit to whoever made it!
#1 Describes how you will die
-> Venus by Shinhwa
So, I die from seeing a beautiful person that I fall in love instantly but I can't take it because my 'heart, heart' and I exercised too much and pushed my body over the edge because i wanted to "catch, catch"
#2 This song describes your love life
-> Insane by BTOB
The title describes it. lol
So, my love life is that I am in pain all the time because every time I'm in love they don't notice me and it breaks my heart... I think that is what they are trying to voice out with that video/song.
#3 This song will play at your wedding
-> Catch Me by TVXQ
Well, who doesn't like to start out a new chapter in their life without a challenge? ;)
#4 Add "in my pants" to the end of this song
-> Hands Up "in my pants" by 2PM
hahahahah, no narration necessary
#5 Song will play at your funeral
->I'll be back by 2PM
haha "I'll be back!!" said Terminator.
#6 Add "with a shovel and screwdriver" to the end of the song.
-> Tonight "with a shovel and screwdriver" by BigBang
I don't really know how this works together but look at my baby! Go TOP!!!!
#7 This song describes your week
-> Beautiful Hangover by BigBang
Is this a good week or bad?
#8 This is my theme Song
-> Ghost by Ravi
Good theme song or bad theme song, which do you think? I'm not sure if I like this as my theme song...
#9 This is the song that will play when you think of a loved one.
-> Jerkyll by VIXX
I don't know if this counts since it is just an intro but its still a song right?
#10 This song will play when you miss someone
-> Open the door by ToppDogg
Maybe the underlying reason that I am missing them is because they don't want to be around me because of my overly flowing confidence in myself..... I don't know exactly what this song is about because I've only listened to it like twice now.
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Oh my god!!! The in my pants one was perfect!