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Help! What to Do Before a First Date?

Dundunduuuun. You finally asked that guy out, but now you're getting the pre-date nerves!

It's a dinner date, which means you probably have about 10 hours to sit around just thinking about it.

Here are some things you can do to calm down!

1. Exercise!

Go to the gym in the morning and do some light cardio. It will boost your mood and energy! If you aren't a gym regular, think about holding off on the more heavy duty stuff...you don't want to be sore later!
Even better, just do 30 minutes of yoga at home! You'll be relaxed, energized, and feeling positive.

2. Run some errands!

Grocery shopping is seriously like therapy for me. If you have enough time, go restock your fridge with fresh fruits and veggies. Grab some tangerines too! They boost your mood and will make you feel confident about your date later :)

3. Get laughing!

You're ready to go but still have 30 minutes to kill before you head out, time to watch some YouTube. Sounds weird right? Wrong! Some genuinely funny videos will get you laughing and honestly could improve your sense of humor for the night lol! And do you really need an excuse to watch more Jimmy Fallon?

Things to NOT do:

- Check out their social media beforehand and overanalyze so that you have things to talk about. I know the urge to creep is strong but trust me, avoid it!
- Try new face lotions or make up...you could break out from the new stuff! Trust your old products this one time :)
- Freak out. I know, I know. Easier said than done, right?!

Anyone else have pre-date rituals?

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play halo and kill all the aliens and feel like a bad ass as well in the date
a year ago·Reply
I would draw and listen to music. it usually helps me to calm down. but I don't have much experience with dating so I can't really give too much valid advice.
a year ago·Reply
@Bobs haha can't say that's on my pre-date to do list but to each their own ;D
a year ago·Reply
Good tips
a year ago·Reply
helpful another thing would be have your emgency contacts ready to call you if the date goes down south
a year ago·Reply