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I'll be honest. I had hesitations as to whether or not I wanted to write about this story just because 'furry' culture is twelve kinds of taboo. But then I remembered that this is, after all, the Funny community, and this story is probably the most hilarious thing I've seen today, so who would I be to keep this from you?
Yes, the headline you read is right. A hotel in British Columbia, Canada accidentally booked the 'VancouFur' furry convention at the same exact time Syrian refugees were being moved in.

So what did the hotel do about it?

They distributed a letter on behalf of both the hotel and the VancouvFur convention, alerting them about the situation and kindly asking them to, you know, tone it down.
They also asked who spoke Arabic. Because nothing is more comforting to a child refugee than an anthropomorphic bear with strangely defined abs communicating in your mother tongue.
However, according to several personal accounts of the event, everything went pretty smoothly, with one VancouFur attendee adding: "To them, we were cartoons to come to life. To us, it was a means to display our acting performance to a very appreciative audience."
It seems that the furries appealed to the arriving Syrian kids kind of like when you visit Mickey in Disneyland. (And if that comparison turned you off from talking to another costumed Mickey Mouse for life, don't worry. It did it to me too.)
So now that I've gotten this ridiculous (yet true) story out of the way, I've got to ask you guys:

What do YOU think of all this? Did the hotel solve their problem pretty well? If you were running the hotel, would you have done anything differently?

Let me know in the comments below, and for more WTF news, follow my WTF Street Journal collection!
I don't see why it had to be awkward at all. As a supporter of the furry family I actually dislike this sort of press. But that's all I'm going to comment for this subject.
@JamiMilsap I totally agree with you. I also think the hotel did a pretty good job in handling a difficult situation. It made me realize that kids are kids no matter what country they are from. It must've been a nice treat for them to see real life characters.
I can totally respect that. I agree. I could certainly see how that would have been a huge shock. I'm just glad it worked out. (And I like Vegan -_- It's a shame that even among the same community there are opposing forces, ya know?)
@Danse I can see what you mean. When I was vegan, I felt like there was the vegan community of friends that I knew and then the way that vegans were made to look like in the media. I think their biggest hesitation here was that there really isn't this huge furry community in Syria and the convention would be kind of a shock to them, but you're right, I think that hesitation comes from the perspective of not really knowing the actual nature of the community as it is.
@JamiMilsap When I wrote this, I was telling all my friends about it too, and they were just like "No way. NO WAY." It really, really IS an enormously awkward situation lol.
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