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So episode 10 has really set things in motion. In ways I didn't expect. I had my suspicions but wasn't fully convinced.
Can we discuss how for a while now we have been trying to figure out who this bastard is.
But seriously who thought it was the teacher!!! This took me little bit to believe and process. After watching this weeks episode i am definitely itching to watch what is to come.
So please if anyone had the kind of reaction I had don't hesitate to talk. I must know how others feel about this.
#The Teacher
#The KIller
So far this anime is a top thriller for 2016 and is continuing as the #1 slot for a long time now!! For all NAKAMA who haven't seen this animeget. 1 word. WATCH!!!! Anime is life!! Great card NAKAMA!!
omg I"m going to post my card tomorrow but OMGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ughhhh!!!! I thought he was a red herring but he's not???? I really thought we were supposed to suspect him so i didn't ugh ugh ughjaskdfjads;klf :(
Omg I was suspecting three ppl but I did have a feeling it was him I did shed tears because I didn't want him to be T.T but who knows maybe there's more to this story one can only continue watching XD but sadly now I have to wait a week to watch the next episode lol
**I DIDNT READ THIS YET because I haven't watched I just scrolled down to comment thank you for reminding me to watch!!! hahah gonna watch in a little bit & I'll be back after :3
AHHHH ILL TALK TO YOU IN A WEEK WHEN I CAN WATCH THIS KEEP IT IN MIND!!! #nopremiumceunchyroll #notlookingituponforeignsites