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From the site: "Check out this brilliant piece of fan art by artist Sam-Oeun Yin (Deviant Art user: Samkaat) that features the British sci-fi show Doctor Who. The piece shows iconic characters from the David Tennant era (10th Doctor) of the show and came with the description, "A fanart dedicated to that period when the show was actually good <3". While his description may be harsh the piece is still beautiful. What do you think of this Doctor Who art piece?" @Shoenami This is for you, dear sis. It's absolutely lovely.
@shoenami Awww, there there. It will be okay, sis. ヘ( ^o^)ノ\(^_^ )
@Yinofyang exactly! :( I'm trying to slow down watching Friends.. it still hurts! lol
@shoenami Ahahahahahaha! Yeah, I think your broken heart will be okay now. Except...that it's sad that any show we really love ends. Booooo. I know it has to, but still.
@YinofYang yes, that's right.. now i'm in my Friends rewatching mode lol
@shoenami Awwwwwwww. Poor, sis. It's okay. At least you can always go back and watch him. :D
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