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Well I am the tallest with my friends lol and I do joke and have a very caring heart. Its so true! I have a natual bitch face but no matter what I'm always there for people.
Okay just to point out I took this quiz on my tablet and took a screenshot then cropped it. Let me show you the original. Now I personally don't look on the side of the page because it's usually just advertisment.
I saw it. Now some of you have probably seen the photo already but i have a cheap phone at the moment and my tablet is too big to keep up with social media; so when I saw the photo I died of laughter.
Plus it was the ugly laughter. Since its late I had to laugh quietly to I most likely looked like an insane person clapping their hands like a seal.
I don't
Even know anymore
Oh Bobby
This one kills me LOL I might use this photo for edits lol
Let me know who you got
I got Yugyeom. Lol I guess I can see that
@LenaBlackRose same xD so did @jamiesparking lmao
T-Ara's Jiyeon 💕
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