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Nobody but GD of course. Thoughtful, smart, shy,stylish an great leadership skills what more do you need in a co-captain ?


CL the bad ass bitch of them all. Ship up or ship out. In a fashionable way of course.

The Muscle

Kim Jong Kook aka Mr Capable. Strong, intelligent, an capable of anything to achive a goal. I think he'll work well with the brains.

Scaredy Cat

Tao may be able to fight if it doesn't suprise, frighten, or hurt him. If given the choice to run he'd probably take it an regret later after some thought.

The brain

Is Rain. Being the next to oldest a major entrepreneur an more versatile member makes him just as smart and wise as everyone else.

Secret Weapon

Rap Monster it is. He could have been the brains if I didn't think he was a well rounded person an fit this title better. So there you go this is my squad @JohnEvans @PrincessUnicorn
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You got a great team...good luck on the game :)