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Hey guys! The polls have officially opened up for voting! please vote on one girl and boy to be the last anime crush! These two winniners will be featured on Anime crushes finale! Remember you can only vote once for one boy n one girl, not twice! Vote only for the people on this list!! Place your vote in the comment section below! Quick shout out to these lovelys for nominations! @JessicaFerrier @gabbycalzada @kenjaminG @TOR1L @Reapersteel @ShakirBishop @maldonadosonia1
First up is Winry from Full metal Alchemist!! Don't let her husband know she's your crush!
Next up is the demon Sebastian from Black Butler. Oh great, I think I hear grell coming. *Sebassy!!* Gotta go, bye!
Next up Queen badass herself, Revy from Black Lagoon. Let's make sure not to piss her off.
Next up is another badass beauty Esdeath from Akame GA Kill. One place I won't ever go..
Does this guy really need an intro?? If you are unaware of this epicness of a ninja please go watch Naruto. It's no one else than the copy ninja, 6th hokage Kakashi.
Next up is this dashing young man in the glasses! Kazuma from Noragami!
next up is this red beauty from Magi. Morgiana!! Sorry for not putting up a better pic, every other pic sucked.
Next up from a very long Japanese anime title I refuse to type, is Armin from attack on Titan. WHERE'S SEASON TWO JAPAN?!!
Last but not least, everyone please get ready to salute to your captain! From attack on Titan, Levi!!
I can't take anymore of this sexiness!!!! Please go on n vote! Voting will end April 1st I will re post this once again before the deadline is up if you did not vote yet! May your anime crush be ever in your heart!! ❤
Revy and Levi 💖٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶
Levi :3
Levi and Morgiana
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