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So I just read that the company hosting will be giving us info about the ticket in a few weeks and they understand our money struggles and will give us one month to save for GOT7!!! at least they are giving us a heads up!
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who is ready to have GOT7 take all their money from them? Just tagging people who asked about this in my last card if you want to be removed just tell me: @chenisbaekasy @lopleaf19 @Dabaesaplayer
@MrsBangYongguk I feel your pain. I was going to go to BAP concert but I saw that GOT7 was coming to the US and well.... GOT7 is my bias group and although i know I will miss out on a great concert, I know I can't miss out on GOT7! I been waiting for this since forever!
@Dabaesaplayer Glad to hear you'll be able to go! @chenisbaekasy I know I hope I can get really close :)
thats so nice, I can save up now with my new job im about to get so I dont have to make my mum pay for everything.
when that info is posted can you tag me in any updates?
same here i hope they are not that expesive and i can get front row
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