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For all of you catowners who have been looking to add the perfect song to the soundtrack of your life, look no further. It's officially been made.

Meet Moshow, the Portland, Oregon-based rapper going viral for writing multiple rap songs about his cats.

Spoiler alert: Homedude owns a whole lot of cats - four Sphinxes, in fact.

In his music videos, Moshow not only raps about how his world pretty much revolves around his cats these days, but you can also watch them rock matching swag as he takes them out on walks outside - you know, on one of those weird bungee leashes.
The self-described 'cat rapper' wasn't really a cat person until he met his current girlfriend's Sphinx and the two really hit it off. According to the rapper, there's just something about these hairless cats that really stand out for him:

"They're agile and they're funny. They do quirky things all the time."

The rapper hopes to use his newfound popularity to help promote more positivity at how cat owners are seen in society, dispelling that whole 'crazy cat lady' thing with his own #BeautifulCatLadyWednesdays and #YesMenLoveCatsMonday events on his official Instagram account.
Check out one of his more popular songs - 'Cat World' - by clicking the embedded video above! (And feel free to visit his official YouTube page for even more ridiculous and awesome cat-themed jams.)

So what do you think about Moshow? If you were a rapper that only rapped about one thing, what would you rap about?

I'd probably rap about yetis.
@Danse this is why you should run the Grammys
get this man a grammy
@shannonl5. Right?! Or at least a ton of cat treats. lol
@shannonl5 fuck yeah
That was amazing! I don't like rap music, mostly because of the content, but these lyrics were so good! This guy is so comfortable with his lyrics and music... I love it! I want all of his cats, too. I love the sphinx, and these cats are so down for anything!
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