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From Inspirationfeed.com: "Alexander Semenov is a graduate of Lomonosov’s Moscow State University in the department of Zoology. He specialized in the study of invertebrate animals, with an emphasis on squid brains. Soon after, Alex began working at the White Sea Biological Station (WSBS) as a senior laborer. WSBS has a dive station, which is great for all sorts of underwater scientific needs, and after 4 years working there, he became chief of the diving team. Today Alex organizes all WSBS underwater projects and dives by himself with great pleasure and always with a camera. This skill did not come about right away, and took some time and practice: “When I first began to experiment with sea life photography I tried shooting small invertebrates for fun with my own old dslr camera and without any professional lights or lenses. I collected the invertebrates under water and then I shot them in the lab. After two or three months of failure after failure I ended up with a few good pictures, which inspired me to buy a semi-professional camera complete with underwater housing and strobes.” - Alexander Semenov Now after four years of practice he gets a few good shots almost every time he dives. Today you will witness the stunning shots that he took while being submerged. Enjoy!"
I must say, jellyfish are such strange and fascinating creatures.
@PiuPiuPENGUIN Right?! It's such a wonder, the things that exist in nature. Some have such unlikely characteristics while others just seem so complex.
Everytime I see a jellyfish, I am astonished by its existence alone, it is just such a weird life form, basically consisting of nothing than jelly-like goo hahaha