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No one wants to find themselves in a jail cell any time soon, but one man insists that if you HAVE to get arrested, make sure you're doing it in the city of Grimsby, England - whose city jail cells have earned his four-star review!
34-year-old Christian Willoughby decided to give his four-hour stay in jail the hotel treatment by leaving a review on the police station's official Facebook page, complete with plenty of pictures and hilarious remarks.
Normally, and for some pretty obvious reasons, people aren't allowed to have cellphones when they're in jail, but Christian was able to sneak one in by hiding it in his boxers - which says nothing great about the level of security, but is still pretty darn entertaining to think about. (Could this possibly be the world's first 'cell-fie'?)

Christian said that the jail cell wasn't too shabby, adding that: "The minimalistic idea was a nice touch!"

And he felt that the jail cell door gave him plenty of privacy and security.
The one drawback was their 'all-day breakfast', which he insisted could probably use a little work:

"It was meant to be beans and tomato sauce, but it was a runny liquid. It didn鈥檛 taste like anything at all. The sausages were just slimy sticks. There were a couple bits of potatoes, but it was not really a breakfast."

At the end of his review, Christian recommends the jail cell as an "ideal place to wind down after a hard day."

So, you know, if you're in the UK and have some free time this weekend, give getting arrested in Grimsby a try. (It's highly recommended.)

"I'd definitely come back" omg
omg that's the best thing i've read today!! 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
Omg no way lol I can believe anything nowadays tho :P
...Got to love it - a criminal with a sarcastic sense of humor!! ... and YOU ms @danidee "cell-fie" hahahaha!
okay well have fun on there body....I'm just goin to stay in my room for a little longer it's safe and I have lots of privacy
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