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TV Spoilers Are Literally Everywhere.

I hadn't even thought about that until I read this comic. Dude, IMBD is SO full of spoilers! Have you ever had something spoiled for you by IMDB? What are you guys watching these days anyway?
(Personally, I'm using this weekend to catch up on 'Empire'. Gabourey and Taraji give me all sorts of life.)
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Oops I just posted something about spoilers a few mins ago xD
haha this is why I avoid imdb at all costs XD
@danidee they post gifs and stuff and spoil stuff XD
@danidee IKR?? well it is kinda my fault because I keep looking up nalu fan art in Pinterest and I keep seeing fairy tail spoilers XD
@Gracielou0717 OMG PINTEREST??? D: I wouldn't expect to find spoilers on Pinterest wtf
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