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Have you ever asked this question "if I change will I find love?" That's seriously a dangerous path to go. So many times we think if we act a certain way that people will like us. News flash for you. If people do want you to change more than likely they are only wolves in sheep's clothing. How do you tell? Jesus says you can by the fruit that they produce. You are perfect just the way you are. You don't need change. Sometimes you just have to agree with hiring flaws. Flaws aren't bad. They make you human and they make you who you are. It's like water. Water is just plain and doesn't really have a good taste, but we need water. The soon you accept your flaws the sooner that God will open up amazing doors in your life. Just know if anything that there's a God that loves no matter what you believe or who you are. So don't be afraid to say no when you feel asked to change. Only God wants you to change because he wants you to change to better.
wow that was a amazing.... I mean its like I always think about this topic a lot because I to have I asked myself that questions but I now I reality hey I am how I am and I love my flaws and how ever don't agree can leave me the alone
This is so important. I would much rather be with someone who loves me for all of who I am, than with someone who loves only the brushed up parts.