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On June 4 Yedang Entertainment‘s CEO, Byun Du Seob, passed away at the age of fifty-four. He found was dead at his office on June 4 around 11AM. It was reported that he died from over exhaustion. (However, other news reports that I read state that it could have been a suicide. No suicidal note was found however.) A representative of Yedang Entertainment said in a statement, “We regret to announce this sad news that Yedang Entertainment Founder, CEO, and Chairman passed away suddenly…He was a strong foundation for the Korea Creative Content Business and we respect him as an important and leading role in the Hallyu Wave. However we cannot be overcome with sadness. To honor the will of the deceased, all employees will complete all projects.” Byun Du Seob began his entertainment career as a DJ and then established his own agency. The company has also expanded into film and television. Yedang Entertainment is home to artists such as Lim Jae Bum, Ali, C-Clown, RaNia, and comedian Lee Hyuk Jae. via soompi Please rest in peace. Just my two cents comments from reading different reports: there seems to be something really fishy going on. Most of the reports I read stated that he suicided instead of passing away from exhaustion (and his agency denied this - but we know how Korean agencies never admit anything). Byun Du Seol is a survivor of cancer, it is hard to believe that he would choose to end his own life after having to fight the disease to live. The police is currently investigating to find the real cause of death. My condolences to his family and people who love him. Please rest in peace.