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You are the weakest link, goodbye.

Just to think we can't even get certain people to text back once. When it comes to men, they don't do very well when it comes to rejection. It does something to their pride that makes them go into overload mode where they feel the need to express all their feelings in the wrong way. Whether they are bashing you or making it seem as if they were never interested, rejected a guy will play with his manhood in the worst way.
When it comes to online dating, it's a hit or miss. You can meet the greatest guy in the world -- or in this women's case the craziest guy in the world. I've never been much of a fan of back to back texts. I much rather you send me a long paragraph saying what's on your mind. After this woman from imgur cancelled on a guy because of his his obscene text message asking if she was on birth control, the fella went absolutely nuts. Keep scrolling to see the twenty-eight [yes, 28] text messages this woman received from a guy who clearly has absolutely no chill at al.

Talk about obsessed overload.

Dude clearly has issues. What do you think?
she definitely dodged one! lol I would've blocked him immediately. the ultimate creep @shannonl5
"please stop being immature" wow no self awareness found. She dodged a bullet with this one
should probably kick his pathetic ass馃槖
When he said "Call me immediately" I imagine he tried to call her like 20 times. This is awful!
ill be honest ive been in this situation when my ex broke up with me and I was writing essays to the girl so I feel the guys pain but on the realistic side of things I wouldve put a restraining order on myself lol
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