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So I literally woke up at 4:58am just to see my baby trailer video lol I regret nothing!!!
The beginning was too funny when they were singing Confession song all shitty still sound better then me! And right off the bat JB throws me that cute smile of his, yeah I'm not surviving this comeback!
they drew on Bambam's face heck I do the same thing!!
Jr falls asleep and goes into a crazy dream where he is alone scared walking thru fog and Im just over here like wanting to hug him!
And just like me when he wakes up he gets bias wrecked by Mark. Mark I didn't ask for this!!
Jr and I both enjoy waking up to GOT7 lol
So Jr wakes up and it all goes back to normal, just the usual of Mark bias wrecking and JB been to cute to even handle.
BUT then!!!! Youngjae can FLY??????What Theee????
They start experimenting with their flying abilities.
Jackson goes to high places to record!
Yugyeom the only person to ever enjoy running lol
Bambam being an NBA model decides that he can now dunk since he can fly. Heck I would do that if I could fly
Youngjae being a dare devil and Flys in front of a train.
Jb pulling some paranormal active stun. I better get my holy water ready and bible too this comeback is just too much to handle. Jesus help me!
Finally we get a zoom in of Jr beautiful eyes. And he is ready to jump off a building..... and thats were it ends..... Can Jr even fly? Like everyone did but not once do we see Jr fly threw out the video..... IGOT7's Im not ready for this comeback.... Here is the link for the video on the V app: You can watch videos on V.
Plus Mark killed me
Okay the last part reminded me of Kris 😭😭😭
@CuteBabyLay Mark was just being a bias wrecker!!