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Style is not what you wear, but how you wear it.

Here's to all the stylish women who wear it and wear it well. Whether you're walking down the street or walking down the runway, you do it with both class and confidence. Holding your head high, you know that your stylish.
Your outfit could total up to twenty dollars or two thousand and you would still look fabulous. Here's to you and stylish women everywhere. It's women's history month, which means celebrating femininity is a must -- keep scrolling to see common habits every stylish woman has.

Give Yourself A Thirty Minute Head Start To Get Ready

You know that it takes you a little longer than most, so you allot yourself an extra half an hour to prepare.

Pick Your Clothes Out The Night Before

If you know you have somewhere to be in the morning, you will not wait until an hour before you leave to pick out your clothes -- you pick them out the night before. Mama, taught you well. Be strong in your decision.

Always Dress The Part Under All Circumstances

You know the difference between wearing a business suit and wearing a sweat suit. If you're going to a meeting, you wouldn't throw on the same thing you would throw on if you were hitting the mall. Knowing what to wear and how to wear it always comes in handy.

One Expensive Piece Stands Out More Than Three

You don't have to over do it when it comes to price. More than likely if you're wearing one expensive item, people will notice it more than when you're entire outfit cost more than the money on your debit card. Always be smart when it comes to dressing.

Follow Other Stylish Mavens For Inspiration

The world of social media has allowed us to explore the fashionable lives of other women who live the same life as yourself. Follow fashion gurus on Instagram, check out fashion hashtags and gain some inspiration. It pays off.

Do you consider yourself a stylish woman?

Name one stylish habit that you find yourself constantly doing.
I don't know if I can consider myself a stylish person. I just like to look good. However when it comes to work, I just throw something decent on and head out. But when I go out, I look amazing!!!
I think that's a great technique! @humairaa
One thing I always try to do is match my shoes with my handbags/purse and accessories!
Hand me your credit cards and I will! hahaha @jordanhamilton
I'm not a woman but I could style for women in a snap. lol馃槆
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