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Johnny's on screen (and off) women dish it out! HE'S A BIG GOOF "He's very funny. We often had to stop filming because we were laughing so hard. He's goofy and he brings out goofy in me." – The Tourist costar Angelina Jolie, to Reelz in 2010 HE'S A HEARTTHROB "I did have a crush on Johnny when he was in 21 Jump Street. I've always been totally starstruck. But he's embarrassed to talk about that. I guess he doesn't think of it as such a great point in his career!" – From Hell costar Heather Graham, to in 2001 HE'S HUMBLE "One of the things that I was most surprised about was how humble he is. He's so kind to everyone, and so sweet, and he has a brilliant, brilliant mind. Really smart, really clever, fast. He's one of the funniest people I know. And [he has] a very big heart. He's a very unique human being." – Blow and Pirates of the Caribbean costar Penélope Cruz, to in 2011 HE'S MYSTERIOUS "He has such a mystique about him that I feel like his fans and the media puts on him. And he is as real a person as you can be. He's, I think, exactly who he would be if none of this [fame] had happened to him. It's not only that it's not gone to his head, but it's not changed him one iota, and I think that's remarkable." – Alice in Wonderland costar Anne Hathaway, to Entertainment Tonight in 2010 HE'S NOT OBSESSED WITH HIS LOOKS "He is funny because he's one of the most beautiful men in the world and he just covers himself up to such a degree." – Frequent collaborator Helena Bonham Carter, to the Belfast Telegraph in 2013 HE'S EYE CANDY "Lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely. He's very cool. He's a gorgeous guy. Eye candy." – Pirates costar Keira Knightley, to PEOPLE in 2003 HE'S BEAUTIFUL ON THE INSIDE "[He's] even more gorgeous than you think. On the inside, too. The outside is not something I want to forget about, but it is what is inside that matters." – ex Vanessa Paradis, to the Daily Mail in 2000 HE'S A TRUE FRIEND "Johnny's my friend. We are in love. We're 'engaged' … but it's deeper than that. He's part of me, important to me right now." – ex-fiancée Winona Ryder, to the Los Angeles Times in 1990 HE'S MAGICAL "Johnny Depp has magical powers. He's unlike anyone else. He's funny, generous and clever. It's just a shame he's so hard on the eyes." – Rango costar Isla Fisher, to PEOPLE in 2009 HE'S A NORMAL GUY "He's a great guy. All my friends are so jealous. When I first told them I was going to work with Johnny they were like, 'He's so cute, he's so pretty.' And I was like, 'Yeah but he's just an actor. He's cool.'" – Dark Shadows costar Chloë Moretz, to talk-show host David Letterman in 2012 cr:people
I agree @saharjalpari9 he takes on the unconventional roles and comes out stellar!
he is my fav actor 2 in Hollywood I like how he always challenge himself choosing smthing diff and do a great job in it :-) <3