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It happens to the best of us.

Falling asleep mid text when conversing with someone you think extremely highly of can be quite the bummer, but that's not even the worst part. *cues 'wake me up when September ends'* Waking up and realizing that you were the one who fell asleep is what sucks the most. The convo was going smooth, you were happy and then you ruined it. When things couldn't get any better, you end up falling asleep like a freaking narcoleptic. You can't blame anyone else but yourself this time.
The fact that you know the conversation will never be the same or the fact that they are probably sleep by now -- or maybe doing something better than waiting for a response from you begins to engulf your mind. Before you know it you reply with a brief apology explaining your short slumber and they do the unthinkable -- they don't reply, but can you really be upset? You just did the same exact thing not even a half hour ago. Double standards man, they suck. Keep scrolling to see seven gifs that perfectly describe this situation from the point in time where you wake up from your sleep to the point in time where you realize they aren't going to reply.

The moment you realize that you fell asleep and missed their text.

Your emotions take over.

You try to apologize for the fact that you fell asleep. Emojis always make everything better.

You become overwhelmed with your words and lose your train of thought.

Just to realize that they aren't texting back.

Maybe they fell asleep. Maybe they have moved on and are texting someone else, or so you think.

You realize it's late and you're moody. They probably just fell back asleep and you do the same.

Have you ever been in this situation before?

The emotions are too real.
Yeah, I second @nicolejb's comment. I definitely don't feel bad. I do it, people do it to me, it's all good.
I actually don't feel to bad falling asleep when I'm texting someone --- unless they are going through something, then I feel bad. But other than that, I usually text them back later on and say sorry1!
OMG! I used to do the 'I'm not calling' thing and then I realized that guys actually like being thought about too lol @LAVONYORK
Lol, that's the delicate beginnings of the relationship. You literally freak out over everything! I was there and I also went through this I'm not calling phase because I thought (in my crazy mind) calling once a day to say "Hi" is clingy 馃槀馃槀
I agree, it happens 馃拋馃徑 @alywoah
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