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For Arcelia
Today I woke up to the sound of falling rain Lightly tapping at my window Waking up without you is the hardest thing to do Leaving my dreams saddens me Especially when it's raining Loneliness threatens me Trying to engulf me The rain running down my cheek May as well be my own tears You're so far away from me I pray that God brings you to me I feel so desperate to see you I've fallen in love with you For me there's no life without you As I go through my day I fight through this sadness Thoughts of you put a smile on my lips I remember your face and how beautiful you are How you tell me I'm the reason for your happiness And I feel like I'm giving you the best of me I never knew I could make an angel smile You have become the sunrise for me My reason to wake up I never knew anyone could love me Never knew I could be loved by a woman as beautiful as you It's so unreal, like a dream A dream I never want to wake up from You are the one I want to grow old with The one who set my soul on fire I'll love you forever Until the end of time
This is very sweet!! Are you going to send it to Arcelia?
@shannonl5 @jlee37 @LAVONYORK than馃槉馃槉馃槉
Very sweet
this was extremely beautiful! I don't know who it was about, but they must be someone extremely special. I loved your usage of metaphors, it was perfect. 'I never knew I could make an angel smile' my favorite part of the entire piece. thanks for tagging me :)
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