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Top heavy ladies, listen up.

I wake up every morning wishing that I could go braless. I envy those women who can wear maxi dresses in the summer and just let it all hang out. I despise doubling up sports bras when I head to the gym just so I don't knock myself out -- if you get my drift. As much as society idolizes big breast, they aren't all that they're cracked up to be. Trust me. While I've gone down a few cup sizes since I lost weight two years ago, they still happen to get in the way -- especially when I'm trying to get my workout on.
I went jogging the other day in a regular bra and it was the worst idea ever. That's when I thought, I should really invest in some sturdy sports bras -- cute ones at that. That's when I stumbled across this amazing company that manufactures sports bras that are 'sexy, sassy and stylish' called Sturdy Girl Sports [originally designed for women with augmented breasts]. I figured I'm not the only woman who happens to suffer with her upper half, so if you can relate -- keep scrolling and check out these amazing sports bras that will keep your twin girls stylishly at bay.

Would you invest in one of these sturdy babies?

wow these actually look comfty, cute, & totally wearable for big breasts
Totally agree! 100% comfort @humairaa
i'm wearing sports bra most of the time although i don't workout. There's no bra as comfy as sports bra!
My chest try to plot on me when I'm sleeping lol. They try to suffocate me. Now I'm game so I sleep a weird way. Like I'm swimming but sideways because of the transplant 馃槀
Yes, because when I do get healthy enough to move around again, I would love to work on my cardio.
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