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I was never really into taking protein powder, even while I was seriously weight training. I'd buy protein powder from time-to-time, but it was mostly untouched. Right now, my
main protein source comes from egg whites (I still eat whole eggs too).
Also, if you're vegetarian/vegan, I am curious as to what kind of protein source you prefer -- especially when building muscle.
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muscle milk protein shake or oatmeal protein
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hahahaaa well @atmi it still sounds good 馃槀馃槀
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Woops -- looks like I wrote my card too quickly. I meant to say my main protein source is from egg whites :P
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@YoooCarlow where do you get the oatmeal protein? Do you mean straight from eating oatmeal?
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@alywoah I get it from Wal-Mart or publix. they have different kinds like low sugar, weight control, or just protein
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