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Applying liquid lipstick can get rather messy. Heck, applying lipstick in general can be a task. You have to really focus and take your time because one mistake and it's all over -- okay, maybe I exaggerated a bit.
Practice makes perfect, or so they say. Think of your lips as a coloring book and you'll be a applying liquid lipstick like a pro in no time. If you still happen to be a bit out of the loop, keep scrolling and check out the video below.

Do you find yourself having a hard time when it comes to applying liquid lipstick?

I'm all good when it comes to applying lipstick now
Or the second color the girl used, I meant?
what is the second color you used? looks so pretty!
yes! keep me updated :) @hikaymm
@jordanhamilton I deff just got the wrong colors haha. will totally try again!
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