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I lay waiting for a signal or any kind of notice in my head to tell me how to get out of here. If i don't what's going to happen to Mark?, what will that asshole do to him?. I stare at the bloody floor with wide eyes trying to come to my senses. Let's see: i got tied very tight on a pole and the knife sitting on the table in front of me is too far away and i can't reach. Maybe i should try wiggle my hands together to get them loose. I move my hands back and forth really fast but all i can feel is my skin burning. I stop and then try again. One rope goes loose but the rest are still tied together. This isn't going to work. I look over the table and stare at the knife with a death glare. I move my body forward to see if i can reach. "Come on! legs don't fail me now!" To get closer i move my back forward and lean my head back to get more balance. Luckily, my foot reaches the table but it's still not touching the knife. I extend what's left of my untied arms and finally my feet touch the knife and i throw it at me. The knife lands beside me, all i need to do now is try to reach it and grab it. One of the ropes that was loose was very long and so i tie it together with another peace of rope which was more tighter than the rest (thank god it was one of the loose ones). I move the rope towards my left hand and extend it towards the knife. With almost 11 trials i finally grab the knife on my hand and cut the ropes. I run towards the exit in hopes to know where i'm going.
Aye Jackson got skill!!! I'm serious when I say this I picture everything going on in my head