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Do you ever feel unimportant? I do all the time. Especially at home. No one acknowledges my existence. I say something then they jump and say "I didn't even know you where in here." So what's the point of even trying if you feel invisible. I have my whole life I'm just an invisble and unimportant woman. So I isolate myself in my room. I'm a very unstable woman.. To evreyone I'm not important enough and I never will be..
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You're very important! Change your mindset and you change your life. I don't know you, but from human to human, I love you, just because your a part of this Earth and searching for understanding.
God I know how u feel. I thought I was the only one.
You are truly very important unnie! Maybe I do not know you physically, but I can tell that you are a very unique person that has many ideas and has a goal in life! Please as @keith2web said, change your mind set! You are amazing! You are fab! You are fam! I love you!!
I agree with everyone above. your not here by accident. you have a purpose!
it's a feeling you can't escape. I know it well. but it's not a feeling bestowed into you from birth. babies don't come into the world knowing pain. when people you live and trust ready you horribly it sticks to you and makes it seem as though you did something wrong to deserve that treatment. it took my 18 years to realize this and I turned 19 last month. and even now it feels like its my fault. it's not. it's not your fault. I'm not good at giving advice and stuff, but the best thing I can say is stop listening to yourself and start doing things that make you wonder. learn about different cultures or look up astronomical facts. it won't only take your mind off your negative thoughts, but also open your mind, your surroundings.