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There are so many amazing vocals in the kpop scene. So for this week, I decided to compile some of the best female vocals, in my opinion. Are you ready? Lets get started!
Hyolyn from Sistar
I love Hyolyn's voice so much. Her solo songs are so amazing. The video is one of my favorite covers. Soyou and Hyolyn look so good. Hyolyn's voice just has so much passion and feeling in it when she sings this song. All in all, Hyolyn's voice is just so mesmerizing and amazing. I could listen to her sing all day.
I think we all can agree that Ailee is one hell of a singer. She gives you that eerie feeling when she sings. She will leave you stunned with her voice. She is by far one of my favorite singers in kpop. She's so talented and passionate, I just love her so much.
Taeyeon from Girls' Generation
I love Taeyeon's voice. When I heard she was having a solo debut, I was exstatic, She has so much confidence in her voice and her voice is so remember able. I love hearing her sing.
I can't even describe LeeHi's voice. It is so unique and so beautiful. Her comeback song "Breathe" is literally heaven. I just love LeeHi so much, and her voice is so precious.
Amber from f(x)
I feel like Amber's voice doesn't get much recognition. Her song "Beautiful" shows off her vocals, and they are amazing. I know she doesn't sing a lot, but when she does, it's literally the greatest things on the planet. Her voice is so angelic. It melts my heart every time I hear it.
Honestly, I think every member in Purfles have amazing voices. They are a very unique group in my opinion, and their vocals are awesome

Who did I miss?

Who do you think has an amazing voice?

Let me know in the comments which female idol you think has amazing vocals!