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Like I said in Day one I want to share all of my bias. So be prepared for day 2
Day 2 Bias' Selcas I'm going to share. few bias that have won my heart with selcas and with everything that they do. 1st up in Jimin. he just recently won my heart and he has been my bias wrecker for over 4 months. What I like about him with is selcas is that he does whatever he wants to. meaning he can be sexy or cute at the same time.
2nd is Suga What I like about Suga's selcas is that they are simple. The years, and continuing, as me being a fan Suga is simple but he also has his swag mixed with in it.
3rd up is Hobi. with him every time he posts something on Twitter I know that he is make weird noises to drive his members crazy. But we all know he is doing it for ARMY. Plus he is a ray of sunshine that brightens my day.
I'm sure some of you are fangirling like i am. So there is day 2 and don't be afraid to comment below.