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It has been a while since I've added a card, and for the 3 of you that enjoy these cards, I appologize. To be quite honest, I lost all motivation to find a lyric and talk about my life, but here I sit in the backseat of a car listening to Rise Against, and Tim yet again managed to somehow put my life in a song, so here I am feeling the need to appreciate his brilliance. I am not a large person. I am not a fat person. I am not an even slightly overweight person. But those facts do not stop me from looking in my full-length mirror every single day and wishing my ankles were smaller, my thighs were father apart, my stomach was flatter, my waist was more sinched, my boobs were bigger, and my shoulders had less acne. I am average, but just like with everything else in life, average is not good enough. No one wants a C on a test when you can get an A, but a C is average, so why should we stress ourselves out to the point of breaking to push ourselves so far above average? Easy. No one wants average. I have never had an eating disorder, but that is not to say I don't go days w/out eating if I know an event is coming up, a swimsuit may be worn, a boy may be met, or shorts may be worn. I can only hope that the words of this song permeate my mind, because there is nothing wrong with me. My body does not project my heart. Mirrors do not reflect who we are. "But now we are awake enough to shatter what we hate, like broken mirrors, reflections of an unfamiliar face." Does anyone else struggle with image expectations? Any people or quotes or songs that have helped you realize what your truth worth is? I'd love to hear :)
@AnnabelleMcGinn hahaha solid! I was raised Christian, so I have that idea swimming in my head somewhere as well 😂
@EasternShell that's really cool. Nice lyric too! Thank you for sharing! I love to hear how other people deal with things!
I have mirrors everywhere and never look in them. I've been this way for many years. Cameras and mirrors lie. Zac Brown Band has a song, Home Grown. "I've got everything I need, nothing that I don't." Just reminds me that who I am, what I do, and what I own is more than I will ever need.
for sure! I don't think I've met anyone that doesn't, so you're not alone there <3
I just remember God created us in his image and he thinks we are beautiful. I love proverbs 31 it's all about girl power