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Warning: this story will make you cry. It will probably make you sob like a baby.

It's time to meet Barney, the Cemetery Cat!

Meet Barney.

Barney lived at St. Sampson’s Parish Church cemetery, which is located on Guernsey, an island off of the coast of England. He has lived in the cemetery for at least 20 years, according to the people who work at the parish. The people who work there believe that Barney belonged to a family that lived around the cemetery moved, but he came back to the cemetery. He has been comforting people who come to the cemetery to pay respect to loved ones ever since.

Barney lived a good, long life.

After 20 years of providing comfort to those honoring their loved ones, Barney passed away from old age. The church will honor the Barney with a plaque and a bench in his memory.

Thank you Barney for a life well-lived and rest easy!

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Aww precious little kitty!
@TessStevens I know! He looks so pleased with the world. :)