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So I've been watching Bleach, and at the end of every episode, you get a little goofy peek at the next episode, as well as either an Arrancar Encyclopedia or an Illustrated Guide to Soul Reapers segment. These segments often break the 4th wall, especially when it's stuck in filler. The filler itself may get old, but I never get tired of the complaints about the studio executives, or just breaking the 4th wall in general!
@jevonlowery Oh I don't think I've gotten there yet! I finally finished the materialized zanpakuto arc (episode 265). Gotta say, I'm gonna miss some of those...
Bleach has so many funny moments but that's why it's so awesome
my favorite one by far is when byakuya tryed to do stand up comedy
@jevonlowery hmm I'll have to go back and look into that...
@OtakuDemon10 you passed it already it was around the bount saga
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