(Cafe) Best Guy Friend(known later): Hey, (Y/N) who did you fall in love? You: Why are you asking?? BGY: Cause to me it seem like your first love was me?? You: Really why does it look that way?? BGY: Cause I'm hot who wouldn't fall for me!! You: It wasn't you *tells him to get closer and whisper in his ear* it was Taemin, but it became weird later... BGY:How???
(Before High School was done for summer break) JinKi: (Y/N) Remember where we met and how I helped you when you dropped your stuff here I fell in love with you at sight you are beautiful and after I started to get to know you I fell even more in love so (Y/N) will you go out with me??? You:*Shocked* I'm sorry Lee I can't like you like that to me your important,but like family....*bows deeply* Onew: *Saddly bows and says thank you walks off*
(Back to present) You: Don't get me started.... BYG: Why??? *leans closer* Did you guys have a one night stand??? You: *Sighs* BYG: OMG.....how? When? Was he good?? You: Remember when you dragged me to a mixture and how you left me with him well we were both drunk and ended up having it...it was my worst state....much more him too he was a Sex drunky and blah blah yes he was blah blah blah... BYG: Ooooooo.....Get some,but why didn't you guys go out?? You: Cause I panicked and changed and didn't tell him about that day...and left quickly....plus he had a gf...
Jonghyun: Well..... You: Yup....┐( ̄~ ̄)┌, but then as time went by I met him and fell in love once again he became my special love.....
Jonghyun: Ahhh...Minho Minho: Hey Jonghyun..hey honey *Walks in with a bouquet of roses get closer to you bend down in one leg in front of you* Y/N will you marry me?? You:YESSSSS!!!!
(Five year later....) You:*call your children name and husband inside for dinner*