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@Amobigbang created a new makeup challenge and you can see here card right hurrrr.

Basically you write a card telling everyone what your makeup routine. LET US KNOW UR SECRETS!!!

How I wash my face:

Sometimes I splash water on my face. If I still have makeup on my face from last night, I maybe add a little soap to the water.
A couple times a month I do a sugar and olive oil scrub thing. I just basically take those two things together and scrub my face.
If I don't have olive oil, regular cooking oil will do..
(seeeeee all the make up gurus are gonna throw things at me now)

How I do my makeup:

Eyeliner is my go to. Sometimes I wear shimmery eye-shadow if I am planning on going out. Most times, I wear no makeup.

How I take off my makeup before bed:

I usually don't. I sleep with it on and usually end up looking like a hungover party girl that went swimming in a dirty pool. But I am okay with that.
girl you wash that stuff off honey!! Even if you have a pack of makeup wipes by your bed. Imma get you lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Hahahaa I am so incredibly lazy when it comes to makeup. thankfully, I have been gifted with clear skin..even through i dont take care of it lol @amobigbang